Death Of ‘Russian Bonnie And Clyde’ Captivates Russian Media

A tragic story of two Russian teenagers is going viral

Nov 16, 2016 at 9:46 AM ET

Russian social media is captivated with the tragic story of two teens who barricaded themselves in an empty house for several hours before apparently committing suicide. The pair streamed the standoff live.

According to the reports on Russian media, 15-year-old Denis and his girlfriend Katya broke into the house of Katya’s stepfather after a family argument. There, they found guns and barricaded themselves inside.

The pair streamed the events via Periscope and posted photos on Instagram, showing guns and half-empty bottles of alcohol. They can be seen firing from the house on police vans and TV crews who’ve assembled outside, laughing and chanting, “Russians do not surrender.”

The disturbing videos and reports from the standoff rapidly exploded on Russian social media as thousands of Russians expressed their shock of the teens’ actions. Many labeled the two “Pskov’s Bonnie and Clyde.” Pskov is the western Russian region where the deaths occurred.

The police say they did not return fire, but tried to persuade the kids to come out. When the pair stopped answering phone calls, authorities stormed the building. The Russian police found the two teens dead “with gunshot wounds,” after storming the house. According to the police the two were found with “distinct signs of suicide.”

Translation: “Pskov’s Bonnie and Clyde streamed their last hours live.”

Translation: “Pskov’s Bonnie and Clyde: death on the internet.”

One of the final posts sent by the pair was a note from Katya on her VKontakte account, the Russian version of Facebook.

Police are still investigating the incident.