Giphy’s New App Lets You Wreak GIF-Based Havoc On Your Own Face

If you ever wanted to look like an abstract work of art, Boopy Club is for you

Try your hand at making your own colorful animation — Andrew Benson/Giphy
Nov 03, 2016 at 6:34 PM ET

Fair warning, GIF lovers: your obsession is about to get a lot worse. There’s a new web app that will turn you into a work of glitchy GIF art. It’s called Boopy Club, and it’s the brainchild of Andrew Benson, a digital artist in LA who was commissioned by Giphy to produce this surprisingly fun little gizmo.

Boopy Club lets you blend shots from your webcam with selections from the Giphy library, and whatever animated genius your create using its selection of brushes and tools. While the interface isn’t completely intuitive, figuring out how to make it work is deceptively fun. And once you really get the hang of it and start layering, you can achieve an effect that is anywhere between electric and epileptic.

Here are a few that Benson himself made:

And here’s one that yours truly crafted:

Try it for yourself here. And if you like your creation, you can upload it to Giphy to compare to other people’s contributions. Just use caution because once you start, you’ll probably want to quit your job and become a full time member of the Boopy Club.