Iowa Woman Votes For Donald Trump Twice

Terri Lynn Rote reportedly feared her first vote would be switched to favor Hillary Clinton

A woman fills out her ballot in the New York presidential primary. — REUTERS
Oct 30, 2016 at 12:21 PM ET

A woman in Iowa is suspected of having voted for Donald Trump twice in the general election, reportedly because she feared the polls are rigged against the Republican presidential candidate.

Police arrested Terri Lynn Rote, a registered Republican from Des Moines, on Thursday on suspicion of casting an early ballot at the Polk County Election Office and later casting a second ballot at a voting office in Des Moines, also situated in Polk County.

Speaking to Iowa Public Radio, Rote said she was afraid her first vote would be switched to a vote for Hillary Clinton, and claimed she hadn’t premeditated her alleged voter fraud. “It was spur of the moment,” she said. “The polls are rigged,” she added, echoing something Trump has repeatedly claimed despite offering no evidence.

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Citing police and court records, The Des Moines Register reported that the 55-year-old woman was booked on a first degree election misconduct charge, categorized as a Class D felony. If convicted, she could serve a maximum of five years in prison and have to pay a $7,500 fine. Rote was held on a $5,000 bond and was released on bail on Friday, according to the report.

Rote was one of three people who attempted to vote more than once at early voting offices in Polk County this month, The Des Moines Register reported. The two other cases involved individuals who attempted to cast mail-in ballots, and also vote in person. It’s unclear which candidate they voted for.