Turn Your Loved One’s Ashes Into A Coffee Mug

Oct 25, 2016 at 5:59 PM ET

Always wanted to do something with the ashes of your loved one? A new company based in New Mexico wants to do just that. Chronicle Cremation Designs integrates the ashes of your dead loved one into ceramics that you can use – like a mug, or a bowl, or a more conventional keepsake like a candle luminary. Chronicle sends you a collection kit so you can supply the ashes.
Most designs only require about a cup, or 100 grams, of ashes. The ashes are mixed with materials like silica, feldspar, and clay and this mixture forms the ceramic glaze that coats the pottery. As the company’s website declares, “We transform your loved one’s ashes into remarkable ceramic design objects for you home.” Who knew?