Thank God For Rule-Breaking Teens And Their PSAT Memes

How else would we know about Don Juan Ribero, artisan bagels, and toadfish?

Oct 20, 2016 at 1:18 PM ET

Do you remember taking the PSAT? You know, the standardized test taken by most high school juniors? The PSAT (a.k.a. Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) was just administered Wednesday, and naturally, the internet is rife with fire #PSAT memes. Your testing days may be over, but you can still enjoy the memes all the same.

According to KnowYourMeme, PSAT memes first started circulating in 2014. Most of the memes riff off of questions on the test; in 2015, many of them mentioned a question about a girl named Herminia who wrote poetry. This year, many of the memes stem from a section which included an excerpt from Isabelle Allende’s 2000 novel “Portrait In Sepia.” The excerpt centers around a character named Aurora del Valle and her grandmother Paulina, who try to get photographer Don Juan Ribero to take Aurora on as his student. Ribero refuses, claiming Aurora had no talent, but Aurora wouldn’t take no for an answer. One thing leads to another, and now we have a whole bunch of extremely meme-able content:

This is like reading hundreds of inside jokes between high school kids. It’s great. There also must have been a section about the mating habits of dolphins and toadfish, as some of the PSAT memes turn their focus on ocean life.

And there was probably something in the math section about “artisan bagels” as well:

It’s also impossible to say with certainty what exactly was on the test. Students are technically not allowed to discuss the PSAT after it’s administered. And since teens tend to be rude, some of the tweets discuss this very rule. And embracing the absurdity of meme culture, they also go into the agony of not being able to use your calculator on the English section.

But Twitter isn’t the only place where #PSAT is trending, as evidenced by Instagram memes from the likes of savagerealm.

😐 #PSAT (add me on snapchat 🌚 : NickOnkoba )

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They don’t stop there, either. There are memes about the speed of a train, memes about the difference between “affect” and “effect,” memes about math questions, memes about the five-minute breaks between sections, and so forth. What else are you supposed to do after spending a day at school taking a standardized test that you’re not supposed to talk about? This. Absolutely this.