Trump Supporters Think Even Fox News Is Against Them

Fox News host Chris Wallace is already being warned by the Trump community to do better than his colleagues

Chris Wallace is being warned not to be like Megyn Kelly in this debate — REUTERS
Oct 19, 2016 at 6:54 AM ET

With the final presidential debate looming, supporters of the Republican presidential candidate are filling social media with posts along their favorite theme: they worry that things will be ‘rigged’ against them. Only this time, it’s a bastion of the right, Fox News, who they’re worried will do the rigging.

Chris Wallace, an anchor for Fox News, will take the reins for Wednesday’s debate, and Donald Trump’s supporters are warning him to be “fairer” than past moderators, who Trump has frequently lambasted for a whole manner of wrongs, including collusion (of which there is no evidence).

Tweets threatened and warned Wallace to be “fair and balanced,” borrowing his network’s slogan.

Fox News is the most conservative major outlet, but like the Republican party itself, support for Trump is split between. Host Sean Hannity, who has given the GOP candidate a constant platform to sway audiences, and Megyn Kelly, who Trump attacked following her questioning of him during a previous debate.