Singapore Self-Driving Car Clips Truck

nuTonomy, the company behind the vehicle, said small accidents were expected in test trials

Oct 18, 2016 at 6:11 PM ET

A self-driving taxi in Singapore recorded its first accident on Tuesday. The car, which is being trialed on the city-state’s streets, clipped a truck, though nobody was hurt.

nuTonomy, the company behind the automated car, said the vehicle bumped into the truck while it was going around four miles per hour. According to the BBC, it called the accident a “small prang,” and that neither of the two engineers on board experienced any injuries.

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority posted about the incident on its Facebook page: “The test vehicle was changing lane when it collided with a lorry at a low speed,” it wrote. “There were no injuries. The Land Transport Authority and the Police are investigating the cause of the incident.”

nuTonomy, founded in 2013 by MIT researchers, has offices in the U.S. and Singapore. The company launched its pilot in August, with six driverless vehicles offering rides within a radius of 2.5 miles.

A spokesman for the company told the BBC that little accidents were to be expected in these test trials, and that the idea of having these cars on the open road was to learn from what goes wrong.