Google Will Tell You Exactly When To Book A Flight

The search giant's travel portal was already excellent, and now it just got better

Getty Images
Oct 18, 2016 at 12:57 PM ET

The best time of the week to book a flight is often the subject of great debates. Some will argue that Tuesday’s the day, while others maintain that the wee hours of Wednesday morning is when you should smash that buy button. But the having to figure out the best day is now moot thanks to a new update Google Flights. The portal will keep tabs on a trip you have planned and notify you when it thinks the prices for flights are hitting their low point.

Though similar sites like Kayak, Hipmunk, and Skyscanner let you set email alerts for fare tracking, Google Flights is a very good travel booking service in its own right. And in addition to having some of the best data analysis technology in the world, the price alerts go beyond just email updates. In a blog post announcing the update, Google shows how specific its updates can get. If you’re trying to buy a flight from New York to San Diego, it will predict —down to the hour — how it thinks the prices will change.

Flights will also tell you if it thinks you should book the fare within a certain time frame, so you don’t miss out on the more affordable ticket. This isn’t completely infallible, of course, but Google bases its price predictions on historical data, so at the very least, it’s extremely useful. Rather than agonize over when you should buy a ticket to save money, it’s easier to just know, especially as we enter into the painfully expensive holiday travel season.