‘Trump Is The Real Face Of America,’ Arabs Say After Debate

The Republican candidate is more honest about his attitude toward Islam, Arabs online argue

Trump is openly hostile to Muslims, unlike Clinton, say Arabs — REUTERS
Oct 10, 2016 at 9:12 AM ET

It wasn’t just Americans watching Sunday’s presidential debate. Across the Middle East the Arabic hashtag #TrumpAndClintonDebate  was trending, particularly in the Gulf states. There, users say both candidates say they will “fight Islam” and wondered aloud why there was a fear of a Trump presidency, given his honesty regarding his attitude towards Muslims. “I don’t think there is worse than Bush and Obama,”wrote one user in Saudi Arabia.

Many repeated the notion that “Trump is the real face of America” and claimed that the candidates were “two sides of the same coin, the difference in that Trump announced openly his hostility toward Muslims, while Clinton didn’t, but the direction is the same.” “My Arab brother,” wrote one, “don’t celebrate the victory of any of them. The winner will kill many Arabs, and you might be one of its victims.” Others said “they differ on several issues but agree on one – the war against Islam” and “they will never benefit Islam or Arabs with anything.”

One anti-American user prayed for a Trump victory in the hope it would debilitate the U.S. “Oh God make Trump the winner of the elections, he is a bull and our hope to weaken their nation,” wrote one user in Arabic.