Alt-Right Twitter Has A New Racist Code

Many users refer to their hatred of "Googles," "Skypes," and "Yahoos"

Photo Illustration: Diana Quach
Oct 01, 2016 at 4:00 PM ET

It seems that alt-right “Trump Twitter” has come up with a new way of transmitting racist messages via the social media app. Some right-wing Twitter users have adopted a codified lexicon of slurs aimed at skirting Twitter’s prohibition of hate content.

Twitter user Alex Goldman, who works for the podcast Reply All, found and posted the list of words on Saturday morning. It apparently shows the words being used for minority groups in the U.S., including “skittles” for Muslims (a reference to Donald Trump Jr.’s extremely misguided tweet), “Skypes” for Jews, and “Yahoos” for Hispanic people, among others.

Searching some of the terms in Twitter, it seems members of the alt-right have been using these terms for at least a week.

It remains to be seen if Twitter will monitor uses of these words more carefully now that others outside of the alt-right are hip to their racist uses. Recently, online racists officially ruined the Pepe the Frog meme, causing the Anti-Defamation League to list it as a hate symbol.