Exclusive: Miss Universe Alicia Machado Porn Searches Skyrocket

Donald Trump has told people to search for the former Miss Universe's "sex tape" — and, guess what, they really are

Photo Illustration: Vocativ
Sep 30, 2016 at 3:07 PM ET

Early this morning, Donald Trump directed his Twitter followers to search for former Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s “sex tape” — but, it turns out, they already were doing just that. Since Monday’s debate, searches for the 39-year-old have surged on both Pornhub and RedTube. Searches for Machado even surpassed those for porn legend Lisa Ann, who usually is the number one most popular porn star on RedTube.

It all began during the September 26 debate, when Hillary Clinton mentioned Machado by name while criticizing Trump for calling her “Miss Piggy” following her post-pageant weight gain. In the days that followed, right-wing publications began spreading rumors that Machado was a porn star. On Wednesday, September 28, conservative conspiracy theory site Infowars linked to a screenshot of a porn star doing an anal scene and implied that she was Machado (she is not). When you search Pornhub for Machado, the video referenced by Infowars, which features Machado’s name in the title, is among the top search results.

As the Daily Beast has pointed out, there is a clip online of Machado on a Spanish-language reality-TV show in which she is alleged to be shown having sex — under the covers and captured by night-vision cameras — with a fellow contestant. She has also appeared topless in Playboy.

Pornhub analysis found that on September 28, the same day the Infowars article published, searches for Machado went up by 3,029 percent. She was the most-searched person of the day and the fifth most popular search term on the site. Today, Pornhub ran a quick analysis and found that searches for Machado are holding strong following Trump’s 5:30 a.m. tweet: She’s the most searched for person and within the top-five most searched for terms on the site.

Over at RedTube, searches for Machado also saw a big surge this week and even surpassed those for the site’s most popular star, Lisa Ann. The vast majority — 79 percent — of that traffic comes from the U.S. Followed by Mexico, which accounts for 10 percent, and Venezuela, with 5 percent.

So, yes, people are searching for Machado’s “sex tape,” just as Trump suggested. But all they will find are some PG bikini videos, a clip of a porn star who is not Machado, and some silly night-vision footage from a reality-TV show.