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Hollywood Duo Turns Yelp’s Video Reviews Into 12-Second Masterpieces

The project started as a joke, but the videos are amazing in their own right

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Photo Illustration: Vocativ
Sep 30, 2016 at 2:32 PM ET

In an attempt to make fun of a widely-ignored feature of Yelp — video reviews — Hollywood director Dave Green and actor Joe Cobden happened upon on creative gold when they started creating slickly-produced, 12-second videos of the restaurants they visited around the Los Angeles area. And considering the duo have “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “X-Men,” and the TV adaptation of “Fargo” in their cinematic oeuvre, it should come as no surprise that the end result is incredible.

Posted under the name “Toothpix,” the yelp bio says they’re “exploiting Yelp’s little used 12 second video review feature since 2016″ (and “little used” is correct). Yelp added the capacity for video reviews back in July of 2014, which they encouraged for “conveying the atmosphere of the business” in ways words couldn’t do justice. That straightforward documentation seems to be the approach most people take to video reviews on the site.

According to Bon Appetit, Green and Cobden are big fans of Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold, and over the course of producing these vids, went as far as hiring a stunt team to execute on their vision. The videos are tricky to track down on Yelp because the site does not track the video posts on profile pages, but lucky for you, the pair is posting them all on Instagram.


This video Yelp review illustrates how to cool the burn after eating spicy Sichuan at Chengdu Taste:

chengdu taste. #toothpix @chengdutaste 📛💥@gostunts 📸@jwrutland

A video posted by TOOTH PIX (@toothpix) on

  And there’s this script-flipped perspective on the dreamy Latin American eats at Pollo a La Brasa, from a chicken’s POV:


pollo a la brasa. 🍗 📷: @jwrutland #toothpix A video posted by TOOTH PIX (@toothpix) on

At Wang Xing Ji Juicy Dumplings, his zealous slurping of the dumpling doesn’t end well:

wang xing ji. #toothpix 🎥@jwrutland 💡@mattklinman

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Others examine the way certain food cravings flash into our helpless brains against our will, like this take on the pizza at Italian joint Bestia in downtown L.A.:  


@bestiadtla #toothpix A video posted by TOOTH PIX (@toothpix) on

Some are simply flights of fancy, like this video review of the French Mexican restaurant Trois Familia that imagines the inspiration for such a culinary mashup:

trois familia. #toothpix @troisfamilia

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