Amazon Wants To Drop Off Packages Inside Your Home

They’re testing a home-access delivery system with smart lock makers for homes, garages.

An Amazon warehouse in Paris — AFP/Getty Images
Sep 28, 2016 at 4:41 PM ET

Amazon has tinkered with numerous strategies to get packages to your doorstep as quickly as possible, but now it wants to occupy the “last 10 feet of the logistics chain.” The company is testing an in-home delivery system that would let an Amazon delivery person enter your house to drop off packages when you’re not around, The Information reports.

Customers would be given the option of home access delivery when checking out on Amazon, and the access would only be temporary, utilizing technology from smart lock makers August and smart garage door opener makers Garageio. Using these products, couriers could gain entry and drop off a package in a secure spot. And ultimately, the notion gets at the last unresolved frontier of delivery service: How to retrieve your undamaged, unstolen goods when most of aren’t able to sit around all day waiting for a knock on the door.

The benefits are obvious: Customers would no longer have to sweat over the prospect of stolen packages that were left exposed for hours. And Amazon potentially stands to save tens of millions of dollars annually because the practice, as tested so far in Seattle, allows them to remove external packaging required for traditional shipping.

But the drawbacks are equally clear: Not everyone can imagine a stranger inside their house unsupervised. Even one-time, limited access conjures myriad possibilities for mishaps, or even just escaped pets. Plus, not everyone has a garage, and it’s safe to say most people don’t have smart locks, either.

Perhaps we’ll get to the point we’re we live in a highly-wired, highly-trusting environment of total ease and convenience. But until then, there’s Amazon Locker (or your office mailroom).