Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Ignored Important Sports Issues

The American public cannot choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if they refuse to debate Joe Flacco's elite status

Both candidates remain silent on the Mets — Getty Images
Sep 27, 2016 at 11:38 AM ET

There was, as you may have heard, a presidential debate last night. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred over topics ranging from ISIS to the IRS, but there was a distinct lack of substance on what really matters in this country.

Vocativ analyzed the transcript of Monday’s debate—kindly compiled by the Washington Post—and searched for all mentions of the important (sports) issues. Here are the disappointing results…

Even though President Barack Obama’s sports opinions weren’t always accurate—to wit, his March Madness brackets—at least the man had takes. Sure, Clinton promoted goodwill through sports, but that’s no way to vet her candidacy through sports opinions. Then again, simply refraining from bloviating may be to her advantage: Consider all of Trump’s terrible sports commentary.