Hillary Clinton Again Failed To Smile Exactly The Correct Amount

It turns out — according to the critics — that women can smile not enough AND too much

Smile! — AFP/Getty Images
Sep 27, 2016 at 10:56 AM ET

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a woman, and therefore is often asked/ordered to smile more, usually by men who really should know better. But, it turns out not only must women smile — there is a very precise amount of smiling that is the correct amount.

Earlier in the primary season, it was popular in certain quarters to encourage the former Secretary of State to smile more:

Clinton wasn’t the only woman running for president who was told to show those teeth. Carly Fiorina mentioned being told she “didn’t smile enough” during the Republican primary debates, a position that CNN’s Michael Smerconish, among others, was proud to hold.

So, Clinton did smile last night — either in deference to her critics, or because she really was having fun watching Trump fall all over himself — and guess what happened?

At one point, she even did a shoulder shimmy.

Many people enjoyed this. But not all!

It’s almost like she can’t win with some people, no matter what she does!

I leave you with this, from “Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams, whose titular character doesn’t even have a mouth: