Tinder For iMessage Is Not What You Think

It's for making decisions unrelated to hooking up

Illustration: Diana Quach
Sep 22, 2016 at 12:21 PM ET

Tinder just released an app specifically for the new iMessage, and while it involves swiping, it’s not actually designed to land you a date.

It’s called Tinder Stacks, and it works more as a voting tool than anything else. With it, you can submit a bunch of photos — a stack — to any iMessage conversation and then your friends can then swipe right on the pictures they like, and left on the ones they don’t. You’ll be able see how many left or right swipes each picture gets, which means you’ll be able to see which pic your pals like the most and which ones they don’t like at all.

There are a lot of different scenarios where Tinder Stacks might have some utility. Say you’re picking a good photo for your Tinder profile or Instagram. You could have your friends vote on which one is the best. You could also use it to pick a dinner spot, decide on an Airbnb for a weekend trip, or tap your friends to help you make a decision on which outfit you should buy. You could use it to make decisions on whatever you’d like, really.

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What it ultimately boils down to is that Tinder Stacks will help better facilitate the group decision-making process (with the exception of group decisions involving hookups, because that’s what Tinder Social is for).