Harambe Will Live Again As A Music Festival Hologram

The deceased gorilla will make a guest appearance alongside Aphex Twin and Run The Jewels

Photo Illustration: R. A. Di Ieso
Sep 15, 2016 at 3:32 PM ET

What do Tupac and Harambe have in common? OK, yes, fine — they both died too young. But beyond that, they will both go down in history as famous figures that were reincarnated in hologram form. That’s right, Harambe, the dead gorilla and meme that will never die, will appear as a hologram alongside electronic music legend Aphex Twin at Houston’s Day For Night festival this December.

While this will be Harambe’s first appearance as a hologram (that we know of), Day For Night will also mark Aphex Twin’s first performance in the U.S. since 2008. But this won’t be Harambe’s only stop on the festival circuit: “The ghost of Harambe” is also billed as a guest DJ at Fat Jew IRL, a 2017 festival organized by noted meme aggregator the Fat Jew. (Ed. note: this event will definitely attract the most horrible people in the world. Stay away). 

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And while we all know Harambe is an internet legend, he’s also becoming a mythical figure in the music world. Rapper Young Thug named a song after him. The band Chvrches recently dedicated a set to the ape. Fuse reported that the Made In America festival was full of Harambe tributes. Lollapalooza was no different. But even with the likes of Run the Jewels, Travis Scott, Blood Orange, and Kaskade on the lineup, Harambe should still be the main event when Day For Night starts on December 17.

Update: It turns out the whole thing was was a hoax. Mass Appeal reached out to the organizers of Day For Night who said they were kidding when they announced that Harambe would be there. So sadly, there will be no gorilla hologram. Please continue to memorialize Harambe in your own way.