Driverless Cars

Uber’s Driverless Cars (Carefully) Hit The Road

Sep 15, 2016 at 11:22 AM ET

Your whole life, you believed there was a driver. You believed a driver was necessary. That something intelligent needed to steer you as you navigate a world of indifferent other drivers who would kill you in an instant.

The driver is a myth. There never needed to be a driver.

Perhaps you will miss the driver’s companionship, the vague comfort of being an enclosed space with something warm and thinking and alive. You’ll miss the small talk, the swearing in a variety of languages as the other drivers make suboptimal decisions. You will miss knowing the driver is protecting you because you are tied to the driver in a human-sized tin can hurdling down a concrete ribbon.

You will miss the connection of being bound for a few minutes at a time to a new living thing. You will miss the neatness of the separation at the end of your interaction.

You will get used to the silence, the newly empty space, you tell yourself. You will learn to enjoy it.