ISIS And Al-Qaeda Celebrate 9/11, Threaten More Attacks

Jihadists used the anniversary of the September 11 attacks as an opportunity to spew bellicose rhetoric and circulate anti-Western propaganda

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Sep 11, 2016 at 9:24 AM ET

ISIS and jihadist supporters are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks and threatening more violence.

Supporters of ISIS, which split from al-Qaeda in 2014 and is now the leading global terror group, celebrated on Twitter, Telegram, and one of the group’s main forums, seizing the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks as an opportunity to spew bellicose rhetoric and circulate anti-Western propaganda. Dozens of ISIS-related channels on Telegram, a messaging app, circulated an image of the burning World Trade Center, saying “the anniversary of 9/11 that gladdened the hearts of the believers irked the infidels. May Allah accept its planners and executors, with the apple of our eyes, Sheikh al-Mujahideen Osama bin Laden on top of them.”

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Supporters of the group on Telegram asked fellow supporters to pray for Bin laden, who they called a “martyr,” and for everyone who executed what they described as a “blessed operation.” Others tweeted “we made the Cross drink from the cup of poison, thank God for the terror,” while many linked the 9/11 anniversary to The Day of Arafah, one of the holiest days in the Islamic calendar and the second day of the Islamic pilgrimage that is ongoing in Mecca. “The Day of Arafah happens with the anniversary of the Manhattan attacks, may Allah accept its soldiers,” one ISIS Telegram user wrote. “One auspicious event turned into two, Oh God complete make an attack against the infidel countries that will heal our hearts.”

Other jihadist accounts tweeted “your morning of 9/11” and added a famous jihadist poem saying “we destroyed America with a civil aircraft, The World Trade Center turned into a pile of ashes.”

Translation: “Do you remember the 15th anniversary of the Manhattan attack, Allah’s mercy upon our Sheikh Osama Bin Laden”

The repugnant comments highlight that jihadists, with ISIS as their foremost leader, still see the 9/11 attacks as their biggest achievement. They also highlight how the Islamic State views itself as Bin Laden’s successor and a group continuing al-Qaeda’s tradition.

On Friday, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the heir of Bin Laden, released a video message marking the anniversary and threatened thousands of deadly attacks in the future. In another effort to keep his terror organization relevant, al-Zawahiri boasted that the September 2001 attacks were a “slap” on the face for America and its allies, ABC News reported, citing a translation by SITE Intelligence Group. “As long as your crimes continue, then the events of Sept. 11 will be repeated a thousand times, Allah permitting,” al-Zawahiri said.