Nobody Thinks Apple’s New AirPods Look Like Earbuds

But there are a million other things they've been compared to

Sep 07, 2016 at 6:05 PM ET

Old Q-tips, Snoopy, vibrators, cigarettes. While people are very angry about Apple’s unveiling of its new wireless Airpods because of their cost ($160), lifespan (five hours), and potential for loss, critics also spent a lot of time cracking wise about everything weird the new earbuds look like.

Announced today at Apple’s reveal of the new iPhone 7, the world learned that the new phone would, as predicted, have no headphone jack. The current phone will still come with a pair of headphones as before, only these will work with the Lightning connector. There’s also an adapter that connects your old headphones to the new phone. But if you want the new, fancy wireless AirPods that have sensors to detect when they’re in your ears, and that can switch between devices, you’ll have to drop $160, fingers crossed you never drop them.

At a glance, the AirPods look exactly like the old earbuds, just without the wires. But that minor difference seems to have made all the difference in perception, and people are conducting a roast as if these newfangled devices were an alien design concept.

They look like this in your ears:

But the internet saw something from a retrofuturistic movie:

Or something that will be emasculating for men:

Or tiny vibrators:

Or feared they would look like they were wearing a goofy Bluetooth headset:

Or like a handheld showerhead:

Or like you’d have two Snoopys in your ears:

Or that they look like cigarettes (though, to be fair, if cigarettes cost $160 a pack most people would not smoke them):

Or that they resemble the speaker in “Teletubbies”:

Or look like hearing aids:

Or Q-tips:

Or testicles:

Or laser pointers:

Or…bicycle seats?:

Or choking hazards — which, all parents will immediately recognize is incredibly accurate:

But really, folks, they just look like someone cut the wires off the old earbuds, because basically, they did: