Snapchat Might Be Taking Aim At Pokémon Go

The social media giant seems to be making moves toward an augmented reality game

Here we go again... — Getty Images
Sep 06, 2016 at 1:23 PM ET

The Pokémon Go craze peaked last month, but that doesn’t mean some plucky social media outlet won’t be looking to get in on the lucrative multi-billion dollar augmented reality game… er… game.

Hey, Snapchat. Whatcha doin’ over there? Not much, just hooking up with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, marking the first step towards a potential wearable device that would allow its 150 million daily users to wander around staring at a screen and playing some yet-unknown diversion.

Rumors about Snapchat’s growing interest in wearables have been circulating since March, when CNET reported that the company has been preparing to roll out a “a stealthy new project.”

According to the Financial Times, said secret plan is now “gathering momentum“ in 2016 as the company continues to staff up.

“Snapchat has hired electrical engineers, marketers and product managers from hardware start-ups such as Ring, which makes a doorbell with wireless video, Canary, which makes a home security camera, and Sphero, the robotics developer behind the hit Star Wars BB-8 toy, as well as Oculus, the virtual reality headset maker owned by Facebook,“ the Financial Times discovered via a dedicated scouring of Linkedin.

Further unnamed sources, like this gabby start-up investor were willing to reaffirm that, “Snapchat are very aggressive on M&A and want to see everything,” he or she said. “They are looking at pretty much every AR start-up with computer vision skills as a possible M&A target.”

Well, great. Can you imagine what wonders Snapchat might be able to bequeath to humanity if they combined their boffo, at-times racist filters with Pokémon Go’s obsessive-compulsive nature? Imagine a world in which you could make yourself puke rainbows while wandering into sporting arenas, genocide museums, and, like, the Pentagon.

Just remember, kids. It’s all fun and games until someone dies.