Drone Racing Could Be The NASCAR Of The Future

Sep 08, 2016 at 8:00 AM ET

Its enthusiasts describe a “rush,” something that can make a person “jittery” and give them a shot of adrenaline. But the “athletes” in this sport aren’t running, jumping, or racing themselves: they’re piloting drones through an obstacle course.

While new-ish compared to other motorized activities, drone racing shows real promise in horning in on the audience NASCAR currently enjoys. Enthusiasts claim the challenge of drone racing elevates it above simply playing with an “artsy toy.” GoPro cameras and other nimble AV equipment would allow an audience to watch it from the point of view of the drone operators, perhaps sharing a bit of that “rush.”

But will it catch on with drone-lovers and audiences alike?  That, like this new sport, is up in the air.