Alas, Philly Zoo’s Baby Gorilla Will Probably Not Be Named ‘Harambe’

The public will help choose its name from a pre-determined list

Honi and her new baby, which will probably not be named Harambe — Philadelphia Zoo
Aug 31, 2016 at 4:50 PM ET

When the Philadelphia Zoo announced the birth of a baby gorilla and enlisted the public’s help to name it, the response was pretty much universal across the internet.

Surely, our collective troll mind thought, Harambe, recently departed Cincinnati Zoo gorilla and top meme, will run away with this contest.

Alas, no. It’s very unlikely that Harambe even be put up for the vote. Dana Lombardo, director of communications at the Philadelphia Zoo, tells Vocativ that the vote will be from a pre-determined list of names that the team that cared for Honi, the baby’s mother, will come up with. And that list probably won’t be known until the baby’s sex is known (so far, Honi has kept the baby so close that staff haven’t been able to tell). Because of this, Lombardo wouldn’t rule Harambe or Harambe 2 or Harambe Jr. out, but come on.

Lombardo said the zoo is very excited about its newest addition, which is its first gorilla birth in at least 20 years. May this Unnamed Baby live its best life and not have any children fall into its habitat, resulting in the people who care the most for it having to make an impossible choice and then be plagued by memes forevermore.