This Memebot Is Here To Render Humans Obsolete

Shitpostbot5000 cranks out new memes at a rate you could never match

Aug 25, 2016 at 5:37 PM ET

Memes are a rare, pure joy in this dark, dark world, and now there is a site that takes the creation process to its logical extreme, Frankensteining memes together with little-to-no human input at all. Meet ShitpostBot5000, your new meme mashup machine.

ShitpostBot5000 takes macros and images submitted by users and assembles them in random pairings to create new garbage memes. It then auto-uploads those memes to its Facebook page every half hour, on the half hour. But where do the memes come from? A question for the ages, really. In this case, they come from a corresponding website, where people can upload both source images and templates.

There are a few rules for the images and templates: don’t upload pictures of you or your friends, don’t upload existing memes, make sure it’s Facebook appropriate, and adhere to size constraints (less than 2MB). There is an actual human going through and approving the submitted images to make sure everything is up to snuff. Then the accepted source images and templates combine to give the world some brand new dank memes.

From a quick perusal of the ShitpostBot Facebook page, some of the memes make absolutely no sense, but that’s sort of the appeal (especially when they accidentally make sense). Here are a few recent examples of ShitpostBot’s handiwork:

Not half bad, Shitbot. Not bad at all.  This is the kind of thing that will get even better (or at the very least, more random) if people participate by adding their own images and templates. What comes after that is pretty much anyone’s guess.