The Best New Olympics Meme Is Tennis Green Screens, Trust Us

A genius has made Olympic tennis matches into green screen creations of genius

Aug 18, 2016 at 5:05 PM ET

Hey, check this out: The court for the Olympic tennis matches is green, right? No biggie. Most non-clay tennis courts, whether they feature a composite, synthetic or good ol’ grass playing surface, have a green-ish hue.

Of course, green also serves as a primary color for the vast majority of Rio 2016’s logos, banners, and decorative imagery, meaning that, even though all the tennis matches have been completed, we were treated to some hot green-on-green action. A gentleman on Imgur who goes by the handle factionman was the first to pick up on this fun factoid and, after his buddy Andy G whispered an oh-so-clever idea in his ear, he realized that he’d stumbled upon a workable green screen.

To wit, he (we’re assuming) came up with some dope, surrealistic reimagining of the Olympic tennis matches, like if the match was transported above an active volcano.

Once anthropogenic climate change has its way, and vast acres of the planet are submerged beneath the rising ocean waters, maybe in the future tennis will look like this?

Nah, that’s way too bleak. I’m sure our deep sense of kindness and profound desire to look out for our fellow human will take us to the far reaches of space, where we can safely enjoy sports while gamboling betwixt the very stars.

Or Star Wars. Star Wars is cool.