Who’s Behind The Nude Trump Statues Popping Up Across America?

Protest art that sits down to pee

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Aug 18, 2016 at 3:08 PM ET

Nude, life-sized, tiny-donged statues of Donald Trump started cropping up in public spaces across the country Thursday. The pieces, entitled “The Emperor Has No Balls” are the work of an artist who goes by Ginger working with the activist collective Indecline. The statues were erected at the same time in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Cleveland—and quickly became the day’s most sought after selfie.

The grotesque concoctions of oil clay, concrete, rebar and foam are the latest works of art to depict the GOP candidate with microscopic genitals. Los Angeles based artist Ilma Gore established this motif—sure to be one of the 21st century’s most persistent—with a painting in February.

“The temporary nature of each of the 5 statues became the project’s working metaphor. Each of the pieces would have a limited amount of time before the city or the police covered or removed them completely,” says the project’s press release. “It would be highly probable at that point that these 5 statues would never be seen again.”

But images of the statues will be. And through the magic of the selfie, they may be seen for years to come. Experience the magic of public political art in the digital age (some of which is lightly NSFW)!

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And, lest you suggest that commentary on the size of the endowment of a major party candidate ought to be beneath us, it’s worth recalling that Donald himself was the first to broach the issue, alluding strongly to the (he says ample) size of his genitals in a nationally televised debate.