Instagram Now Curates Videos From Live Events

The app's new Event channel is yet another feature borrowed from Snapchat

Aug 18, 2016 at 1:15 PM ET

After adding the Snapchat-esque Stories feature to its app, Instagram just went and pulled another feature from the video sharing app: a channel for collecting and curating live event vids.

Instagram’s Explore tab typically features photos of people you might know, celebrities you’re inclined to be interested in, or accounts that are similar to those you already interact with. You’ll also see collections of videos you might like, which are referred to as channels. Starting today, users will see collections of videos curated around of live events which, so far, have included clips of Adele’s show in Arizona, and highlights of beach volleyball from the Rio Olympics. But this will theoretically feature all sorts of events. Instagram says it’s personalized and will highlight events it thinks you might like.

More Snapchat ‘Memories’ Feature Will Make It Less Snapchat-y

That it’s so similar to Snapchat’s Discover feature is unsurprising since Snapchat and Instagram are on a collision course towards social media singularity. Earlier this summer, Snapchat drifted further from its ephemeral roots when it added Memories, a feature that lets you upload photos and videos from the past. Instagram responded in kind with Stories. Now it went a step further with its Events channel, continuing a copycat trend that seemingly has no end in sight.