What Earth’s Largest Geomagnetic Storm Of The Century Looked Like

Aug 17, 2016 at 3:15 PM ET

This is what happens when the sun sends out interplanetary shockwaves. NASA’s Van Allen Probes detected the largest geomagnetic storm of the century in March 2015. New animations depict what happened to the Earth’s outermost radiation belt.The strong geomagnetic storm triggered this brilliant aurora.

Earlier that week, two coronal mass ejections from the sun combined and blasted Earth’s atmosphere with charged electron particles. Coronal mass ejections happen when the sun shoots out bursts of plasma into space.

While this particular geomagnetic storm didn’t cause any harm, previous storms have damaged satellites and triggered power outages on Earth. Luckily this geomagnetic storm of the century left us Earthlings in peace. Although, we bet some tin hat conspiracy theorists are saying otherwise.