Now You Can Float In Space With Virtual Reality

Aug 11, 2016 at 12:56 PM ET

You will soon be able to experience the feeling of drifting through space from your living room. Without Drugs!

SpaceVR is partnering with NanoRacks to put the first virtual reality camera satellite in space. Overview 1 will be launched to the International Space Station in 2017, then deployed into low Earth orbit.  VR in space is pretty amazing, but would be better if you could wear VR goggles while experiencing zero-gravity, like at the top of a roller-coaster, or in a “vomit comet” aircraft.

Overview 1 is a cube satellite with two 4k sensors, capable of recording 3D-video. The 360-degree panorama shots of the Earth will be available to VR users on all platforms. To truly understand how insignificant human life is, though, you simply can’t beat actually being in space, looking down on our beautiful planet from high above, and reminding yourself how many people care about making sure you use the accent on the “e” when you type “Pokémon Go”. We’ve come a long way.