Samuel L. Jackson Is Live Tweeting The Olympics And It’s Spectacular

This year's Games aren't the first time the star has

Samuel L. Jackson can both hear and feel the Olympic spirit — REUTERS
Aug 08, 2016 at 2:21 PM ET

After three days of competition, the gold medal for unabashedly enthusiastic live tweeting the 2016 Summer Olympics seems destined to be awarded to acclaimed actor, loather of snakes, and Donald Trump Cheats At Golf Truther, Samuel L. Jackson.

This comes on the heels of his giddy boosterism during the 2012 Games in London, where, according to Slate’s calculations, he blasted 49 tweets about gymnastics including seven complaints about the judges, and screeched “Go USA” 41 times, peppering his commentary with a smorgasborg of all-caps laden, newly-invented superlatives.

But evidently Jackson enjoyed both the opening ceremonies and the first day of Olympic events sans access to his Twitter account, or possibly was unmoved by the proceedings. Over the weekend, his only online utterance was this celebration of Liverpool FC’s 4-0 shellacking of the defending La Liga champs, Barcelona, in a friendly on Saturday.

By Sunday night, he’d gotten comfortably nestled in his Barcalounger, ready to send off a flurry of fire tweets.

He not only slung a few gymnastics puns, he also slagged on the Russians.

Then Jackson switched to swimming…

…before quickly pivoting to hail Gabby Douglas’ performance, even though she failed to make the all-around finals.

Jackson ended his night with a bit of media criticism.

He has a point. Bob Costas certainly lends gravitas and as much sportswriterly credence possible to the notion that these games are in fact a noble, embiggening celebration of the human spirit. That said, I think we’d much rather hear Jackson’s unfettered yawps of joy than ascribe to Meredith Viera’s statement that the Games will provide Brazil with an “opportunity to hit the restart button” or listen to one NBC commentator give the credit for Katinka Hosszu’s record-breaking swim in the 400-meter individual medley to her husband-slash-coach.