Olympic Village Tinder Is Exactly The Gold Mine You’d Expect

Hundreds of athletes are active on Tinder in Rio's Olympic village, and their pictures are as good as you'd expect

Ryan Lochte reacts after seeing his Tinder date walk through the door. — USA Today Sports
Aug 08, 2016 at 7:58 AM ET

Hundreds of Rio Olympic athletes are active on Tinder, likely making use of the record 450,000 condoms distributed at the Olympic athletes’ village. Vocativ found a curious user of Tinder Plus’s Passport feature sharing screenshots of world class athletes’ Tinder profiles actively looking for companionship in Rio, including such big names as swimmer Ryan Lochte and golfer Rickie Fowler.

The user, who prefers to remain anonymous but goes by sportsswipe on their Instagram page, claims to have found about 500 Olympic athletes using the app in Rio so far. Sportsswipe told Vocativ that their interest in the world of athletic online hook ups began out of curiosity last year, during the Tour de France, where they found the accounts of prominent cyclists. Then, during the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, they decided to start uploading screenshots to Instagram, gaining a following among some athletes. Other events that sportsswipe investigated include the Winter X Games, where they found Maddie Bowman, the Ice Hockey World Championship, and the World Rowing Cup.

Ryan Lochte recently revealed that he had joined Tinder to Time, stating that the Olympic athlete’s village isn’t exactly a non-stop party — “You’re there to compete, you’re not there to party.” As to why the world’s fittest people, gathered together in one place would need Tinder, sportsswipe hypothesizes “It’s a way to get quick access to hundreds of options, and the visual side of Tinder is a huge plus.”

Rickie Fowler, Team USA Golfer

Ryan Lochte, Team USA Swimmer

Kassidy Cook, Team USA Diver

Federico Turrini, Team Italy Swimmer