Russian Paralympic Team Banned, Russians Not Happy

Tens of thousands of Russians have made #ShameWADA a nationalist cause online

IPC President Philip Craven is disgusted with Russia's medals policy — REUTERS
Aug 08, 2016 at 8:02 AM ET

On Sunday, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that the entire Russian Paralympic Team will be banned from competing in the 2016 Paralympics due to ongoing issues with the country’s athletes using performance-enhancing drugs.  Russians aren’t happy. They’re attacking the decision, accusing the bodies of playing politics with their sportsmen and women.

Since the announcement, Russians flooded Twitter, Facebook and the country’s largest social network Vkontakte by the tens of thousands with their complaints. Vocativ found that 94 percent of more than three thousand users on Twitter dismissed the decision as “illegitimate.”

Translation: “Support #ShameWADA. Why do you politicize this event and prefer to play political games rather than Paralympic games..”

Translation: “Support the action #ShameWADA! hands off our athletes. Take action, support our Paralympic athletes together!” 

The president of the International Paralympic Committee, Philip Craven, accused the Russian government of “catastrophically” failing its athletes. “Their medals-over-morals mentality disgusts me,” he said.

Russia says it will appeal the decision, but they better hurry. The Paralympic Games start on September 7.