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3nder Renames Itself Feeld Following Tinder Threats

The upstart service for threesomes opted against a legal battle between dating apps

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Feeld's (formerly 3nder) new logo — Fast Company
Aug 03, 2016 at 12:36 PM ET

3nder, the hard-to-pronounce dating app aimed at facilitating threesomes, is changing its name to Feeld in response to legal threats from Tinder. Back in May, 3nder received a cease and desist notice by Tinder because of confusion between the names of the two apps. But it’s unclear whether the move will ultimately hamper the app’s growth on top of its 1.6 million iPhone subscribers.

Following the warning, 3nder not only encouraged supporters to mail Tinder their stinky socks in protest, but a 3nder spokesperson told Gizmodo at that time that they wouldn’t cave to Tinder’s demands. Cut to today, and it seems 3nder/Feeld caved, perhaps in hopes that Tinder will call off the legal dogs. It will keep the same logo, but what’s different is that without the name 3nder, it will have to court subscribers with more traditional marketing, and not the word-of-mouth buzz its name attracted since its inception. Early media coverage from the app’s launch in 2014 often characterized the app as a Tinder and Grinder offshoot geared toward a younger, more adventureous crowd.

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Trifonov believes the whole thrust of the Tinder suit is faulty. 3nder is different because, he wrote in the press release announcing the suit, “Unlike Tinder’s gay or straight limitations, 3nder covers the complete 23 sexualities recognized today, meaning 3nder is more than just LGBTQ ‘friendly’. Perhaps the biggest difference is that 3nder includes couples—something its over half a million active members clearly aren’t confused about considering 42% of 3nder’s members are couples and 64% of its members are searching for couples.”

But why it took Tinder two years to get upset about 3nder may be about a perfect storm of threat to Tinder’s own hampered growth to recruit more users. 3nder’s inclusion of gender fluidity, same-sex experimentation, and a growing curiosity about alternative sexual lifestyles among the youth of today puts it firmly ahead of Tinder, who only recently said it’d let people ID themselves as genders aside from male or female. But there’s a chance it had something to do with the launch of Tinder Social, a new feature that promotes group hangs you can join in on, and is a more lowkey answer to 3nder’s orgiastic possibilities.

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Given that 3nder’s/Feeld’s users likely value their privacy, there may not be a highly visible rallying cry to support their legal battle. For now, Trifonov says they are losing money fighting the issue, and have to hope the rebrand they’ve submitted to Tinder will take the heat off. Three fingers crossed.