Netflix Is About To Get Very, Very Slow

Starting August 5th, Norway's hit show 'Slow TV' will let you binge-watch 24 hours of knitting

Settle in and enjoy the ride from Bergen to Oslo — SlowTV/YouTube
Aug 03, 2016 at 6:27 PM ET

Netflix is great for heavy doses of heart-racing suspense or clever comedy, but soon you’ll be able to watch 24 straight hours fishermen catching salmon. “Slow TV,” a strange but addictive set of programs that highlight very, well, slow activities—think train rides and knitting circles—is coming to the streaming service on August 5th. And it could change the way you think about entertainment.

The Norwegian series first aired in 2009 and is now a huge success in its home country. The beautiful scenery, calming activities, and overall serenity swept across Europe like a storm gentle rain, but its arrival on Netflix will be the first time it’s available to the world at large.

11 episodes will be available to start, and should be more than enough to soothe your weary soul. If travel is your thing, try “Northern Railway,” which is just a train riding through the countryside. If you’re more of an indoor person, cozy up and dive into “National Firewood Morning,” “National Firewood Evening,” and “National Firewood Night.” If you prefer a little action, try “National Knitting Morning” (which is also available in “Evening,” or “Night” flavors).

No matter which program you pick, it will be like going on a relaxing vacation without the hassle of actually leaving your house. You can dip in and out for a little dose of sanity, or settle in for a seriously meditative binge-watch. And if it really catches on, Slow TV could replace Ambien as a cure for America’s chronic insomnia.