America Meets Tim Kaine: Our Dad, Our Eyelash Inspiration

The VP candidate's Trump impression was poor but his kindly paternal figure game was fantastic

Jul 28, 2016 at 10:31 AM ET

Virginians know Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine well, but for most of the rest of America, his speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention was a first look at the man who might replace Joe Biden. So, what did we think? He’s a friendly dad with beautiful eyelashes.

A Vocativ analysis found that, of the roughly 130,000 tweets referring to Kaine between 8:30 p.m. and midnight—during which time he formally accepted the nomination for vice president—5,057 also used the word “dad” or “father” (but mostly dad).

The jokes—and there were many—were pretty great.

Some saw him as more of a stepdad, perhaps an uncle.

Some saw him as a different kind of authority figure, with 865 tweets containing the words teacher, coach, or principal.

This carried over into some “Tim Kaine is the kind of guy who” tweets, as pointed out by Complex. Some were sincere, others less so.

Kaine lived up to just about all of these honorary titles when he busted out his Donald Trump impression, which was objectively bad (although the New York Daily News seemed to think it was “spot-on,” but they are wrong), but which Kaine seemed to find hugely entertaining and so he repeated it several times (classic dad!).

On a slightly different tack, many people noticed Kaine’s eyelashes, with 1,305 tweets mentioning Kaine, eyelashes, lashes, or mascara. There was some confusion over whether or not Kaine’s lashes are natural or if they had been augmented somehow.

Also, Kaine wore what is apparently his only (or at least, his very favorite) tie.