Sorry Cable Fans, Netflix Users Get More Bang For Their Buck

The average cable subscriber ends up paying pays 61.4 cents per hour to get their entertainment

It turns out binge-watching is a bargain — REUTERS
Jul 28, 2016 at 6:27 PM ET

Are you one of the many people who decided to cancel their cable in favor of streaming services like Netflix? Well now you can brag at parties about how much money you’re saving, because it turns out Netflix is 40 cents cheaper than cable.

It’s clear on the surface that Netflix’s most popular $9.99 a month plan costs less than cable subscription, which is around $99 a month on average. But figuring out which one is the better value all depends on how much you use it. Stephen Lovely over at AllFlicks did some number crunching and found the cost per hour for each service, based on usage stats reported by its users. In the end, Netflix runs about 20 cents an hour, while Cable TV subscribers are paying 61.4 cents per hour. Ouch.

While 20 cents an hour seems a reasonable price to pay for a binge-watching session, 61 cents seems pretty hefty. Of course, you have to factor in that for that price you do have access to a lot more content–including live news and sports. There’s also the fact that finding something to watch on Netflix takes people twice as long as it does on cable. So if you’re thinking of cutting the cord, you’ll have to decide just how much your time is worth.