ISIS Releases Video Of Germany Suicide Attacker

The attacker detonated explosives outside a music festival in Ansbach on Sunday

A screenshot from an Amaq video allegedly showing the Ansbach attacker
Jul 26, 2016 at 1:55 AM ET

The ISIS-linked Amaq media agency has released an exclusive video allegedly showing the Syrian asylum seeker who detonated explosives outside a music festival in Ansbach in Germany on Sunday, killing himself and injuring more than a dozen other people.

In the video, which runs two minutes and 20 second long and was released late on Monday, the man, identified by the ISIS-linked agency as Muhammad Daleel, pledges allegiance to ISIS’ leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi and threatens Germany and the West with more attacks. In the video, the man’s face is covered.

More ISIS Claims Responsibility For German Suicide Bombing

“I announce a martyrdom operation in Ansbach in the region of Bavaria, in response to the crimes of the coalition and the participation of Germany, with the bombing and killing of men, women, and children,” the man identified as Muhammad Daleel says in the video. “You will not enjoy your life as long as you fight the Islamic State. I swear by God, we will explode your houses. This time, the operation is carried out by an explosive device, but next time there will be car bombs. There will be more attacks after this one (in Ansbach).”

Later in the video, he addresses the German people, saying “your government is killing you with its actions. The Islamic State didn’t start the war with you.”

Then, he says, “to my brothers, the soldiers of the Islamic State and especially those who are placed in Germany and Europe, stay steadfast, kill them and slaughter them.” He finishes his message saying, “last word to my family – we will meet in heaven. I ask Allah to accept me as a martyr.”

The news agency also tweeted a picture of the alleged attacker, this time showing a man with his face uncovered:

On Monday, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Sunday attack, saying in an official statement released by Amaq News Agency that the attacker carried it out in response to calls by the terror group to target nationals of states that are part of the coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Sunday’s attack marked the third to hit Bavaria in recent days. German officials have said the man entered Germany as an asylum seeker two years ago, and that his application was rejected. He was known to police in Ansbach for drug-related crimes and was reported to have twice attempted suicide.

This is the second terror attack in Germany claimed by ISIS this week. On Tuesday, the group claimed responsibility for an attack on a train in Bavaria, where a 17-year-old Afghan refugee, armed with a knife and an ax, injured at least four people on a train.