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A New Tinder Glitch Lets You Lurk On Your Facebook Friends

For those looking to date their friends (or troll them), this is a dream come true

Social Media
If you don't want prying eyes on your profile, delete your account — REUTERS
Jul 22, 2016 at 11:48 AM ET

How do you feel about your Facebook friends getting a peek at your Tinder profile? Love it or hate it, it may soon be inevitable. A clever developer found a way to exploit the new Tinder Social feature to let you see which of your Facebook friends are using the dating app and even poke around their bios and photos.

While the Tinder app will show those Facebook friends of yours who have opted into Tinder social, those who opt out don’t otherwise show up. But the API loophole—which Tinder is apparently aware of—allows you to match up your Facebook friends with their Tinder IDs, and gain access to info like Tinder bios, photos, and even when they were last active. If you really want to overstep social boundaries, you can even swipe right on them.

For now, doing this requires a little technical know-how, but someone will probably whip up a proper app that makes the whole process effortless. It’s a bit questionable on the privacy front, and is certain to strike fear into the hearts of those who don’t want their peers dissecting their Tinder presence. But if you’ve been nursing a Facebook crush on an acquaintance, this could be the thing you need to finally make it a match.

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