Clinton Pops Up In Cleveland With Anti-Trump Snapchat Filter

“I know Hillary and I think she would make a great president," said Donald Trump in 2008

Jul 21, 2016 at 10:20 PM ET

Hillary Clinton wasn’t invited to the final night of the Republican National Convention, but she found a way to make her presence felt—by sponsoring a new “Donald Trump compliment” Snapchat filter in Cleveland.

Using Clinton’s iconic white-on-blue typeface, the geofilter—which allows Snapchat users to overlay a specific filter while at a certain location—sports a 2008 quote by Trump: “I know Hillary and I think she would make a great president.”

This isn’t the first time the Democratic nominee has gone after Republican rival using the photo sharing app. Previously, the Clinton campaign trolled Trump in Cleveland by sponsoring a “Stop Trump” geofilter, complete with mock caution tape design.

Here’s Vocativ staffers Erin Gloria Ryan and Sam Roudman enjoying the geofilter outside the RNC:

Twitter users are also taking notice: