Gruesome ISIS Video On YouTube ‘Celebrates’ Nice Attack

In an official video released by an Iraqi ISIS brigade, French-speaking jihadists celebrate the Nice attack by beheading two men

Jul 20, 2016 at 4:06 PM ET

A startlingly gruesome video—even by the Islamic State’s standards—was posted on YouTube Tuesday. The seven-minute clip, which is attributed to the Islamic State of Nineveh Province (the area around the Iraqi city of Mosul), was posted as a follow-up to the attack that took place last week in Nice, France, when a Tunisian-born Frenchman named Mohamed Bouhlel drove a truck along the city’s seafront promenade, killing more than 80 people who had gathered to watch the Bastille Day fireworks.

The opening frames of the video, which are set to a jihadi musical composition sung in harmony, shows the international media’s coverage of the Nice attack. The visuals then switch over to footage of buildings reduced to rubble in an urban landscape, and gruesome images of horrifically wounded babies. The viewer is told the photos of the wounded babies were taken in the aftermath of a U.S.-led coalition airstrike on Mosul.

The final scene shows a scene that is grimly familiar to those who follow the jihadist genre of videos. We see two ISIS fighters standing side-by-side, brandishing serrated knives. In front of them, two terrified-looking men wearing red prison-style jumpsuits. The ISIS fighters, who speak French, coerce the kneeling men  into confessing they were sent as spies by Iraqi forces against ISIS forces in Mosul.

One of the ISIS fighters then makes a statement:

“Today we are greeting you to celebrate the attack in Nice. Oh Mohamed [the Nice attacker, who was shot dead by police at the scene], may Allah accept you in heaven. This is the price of the French people…their taxes are financing the Jewish army and the massacres against Muslims in Palestine and the bombing in Iraq and Syria and all other places of the Muslim community. They are sending their armies to bomb Muslim women and children.They are attacking us in our houses and we will pay back twofold, for every rocket that will land here, we will not hesitate in that Francois Holland. Out attacks against you will be stronger. “

The second ISIS fighter, also speaking in French, addresses the the French president, Francois Hollande:

“Look Francois Holland, these scene [the beheading] will be soon with your citizens in the streets of Paris, Marseille, Nice and all over France.”

At this point the two ISIS fighters force the kneeling men face down and proceed to decapitate them in a horrifically gruesome scene. Holding up a severed head, one of them says:

“This is a message to France, for every rocket that fell on our women and children. You will pay the price. With your announcement of war against Islam you announced a war against Allah, and will be defeated.”

The video was deleted by YouTube during the few minutes it took to write this report.