ISIS-Linked Video Claims To Show Germany Train Attacker

The Amaq media agency released the video a day after an attack in Bavaria

A screenshot from the video Amaq released on July 19.
Jul 19, 2016 at 9:37 AM ET

The ISIS-linked Amaq News Agency released a video on Tuesday claiming to show the young man who carried out an attack on a train in Germany the day before.

The video shows him waving a knife, and it runs more than two minutes long. The clip was posted on Amaq’s Telegram channel, where Vocativ discovered it.

“I am a soldier of the Caliphate and will carry out a suicide attack in Germany,” a man identified in the video as Muhammad Riyad says. “Oh infidels, the time when you came to our countries, killing our men, women, and children, is over.”

More ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ax Attack In Germany

He continues with a slew of threats. “The soldiers of the caliphate will come to you, we will slaughter you inside your houses,” he says, according to Arabic subtitles. “And will live inside your houses, your bases and your land.”

“I will attack you as long as my heart is beating,” he continues in a belligerent rant.

He also calls on the Muslim community to pledge allegiance to the leader of ISIS and migrate to Afghanistan “and the other provinces of the Islamic State around the world if they cannot migrate to Syria.”

It is unclear when the video was filmed. But it claims Riyad was responsible for the attack on Monday night that took place on a train near Wuerzburg-Heidingsfeld, in southern Germany. 

Before the video was released, officials in Germany identified the attacker, who carried a knife and an ax during the assault, as a 17-year-old Afghan. The man in the video appears to be around the same age.

The attacker injured at least four passengers before he was shot dead by police, reports said.