Artificial Intelligence Writes Extremely Bad Harry Potter Fan Fic

It's going to be a long time before a robot wins the Booker Prize

Jul 15, 2016 at 1:48 PM ET

There is no limit to the experiments people will try with machine learning, which ranges from brewing beer to screenwriting. The latest exercise comes courtesy of one intrepid man who wanted to see if AI could write a new Harry Potter story. Unfortunately, it’s not something you’re going to want to download to your Kindle anytime soon.

Max Deutsch fed a neural network four Potter books to see what the computer could conjure up. And while it manages to make grammatical sense at times and can work in the names of familiar characters, the computer’s magnum opus reads more like a Madlibs page than an actual story. Here’s a sampling of the chapter the AI produced:

Ron didn’t even upset her little ingredients on the toilet, and a group of third-year girls last year. Highly bushy and then burst away from them quickly. “Thought you’re all right?” he said. Harry grinned at Harry. “Why should she be cheerful so while you gave detentions, Moody!” “Or give them a hang of the fires and tell me — it’ll come and finish me in this Quidditch Diggory all been an Animagus like a moment,” Dumbledore snapped. “Sorry, I think you please, if it will be waiting for you after this, and it’s like if Dobby has learned to register this?”

But if nothing else, reading through the chapter makes for a fun game of “name that Harry Potter reference”:

Voldemort smiled, his throat loudly. “What did it work? . . . not to give them a perfect old a lot of magical eye.” He didn’t show any dementors for this class, Harry Potter’s injured eye would tell anyone … he was starting to handle Percy’s up of Transfiguration.

It’s certainly an interesting look at what AI is capable of, but this is not something you’d actually want to read several hundred pages of, let alone an entire series. If you really feel the need, however, you can read the rest on Medium.