Nice Residents Open Doors After Truck Attack

"Open doors" hashtag used again as France deals with yet another terror attack

People react after a van drove into a crowd during a fireworks show. — AFP/Getty Images
Jul 14, 2016 at 7:14 PM ET

Almost immediately after a truck smashed into a crowd in Nice, France, killing dozens, social media lit up with local residents selflessly offering their homes as a refuge for those caught in the mayhem.

The hashtag “#PortesOuvertesNice,” which translates to “open doors [in] Nice” sprang up quickly, with French residents once again offering shelter in a time of crisis. It’s the second time that this hashtag has been spontaneously rolled out following a terrorist attack, the first being immediately after the terrorist attacks in Paris this past November. 

(Translation: Not far from the promenade, DM me)

(Translation: I am crying. Literally. How could they do such a thing. I open my doors.)

(Translation: I live on top of Gambette street near Liberation if you need a shelter!!!)

Taxis were also quick to offer their help, offering to drive patrons to their destination free of charge.

As residents and businesses opened up their homes amidst what witnesses described as “scary awful,” tourists used the same hashtag to find shelter.

(Translation: My friend is in Nice and needs a place to stay if anyone can offer some help please)

(Translation: I was at the festival with my 2 daughters, please help us, we are avenue Saint Augustin, hotel is closed.)

The hashtag, which was largely being used by those on the scene and nearby, was also used by those looking for missing loved ones, while Facebook also activated its Safety Check feature.