Which Baseball Fans Suck The Most At Grammar?

Finally, a definitive and delicious answer

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Jul 13, 2016 at 5:00 AM ET

St. Louis Cardinals fans, the self-proclaimed Best Fans in Baseball™, can’t crank out a grammatically correct, coherent sentence to save their lives. Proof? They finished dead last in Major League Baseball’s Grammar Power Rankings, according to a study from the fine folks at Grammarly.

The standings were compiled by scooping up 3,000 comments longer than 15 words left at each of SB Nation’s 30 Major League Baseball team blogs for two weeks at the beginning of June, a much larger sample size than last year’s study of 4,500 fan comments culled from They then fed all 90,000 lulz, ill-considered thoughts, and raging piles of words that make up your standard sports blog’s comment section into their online editor to “detect grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation errors in each comment and used the sums to calculate the average number of errors,” Grammarly said in a press release.

For instance, the self-righteous, insufferable Redbird-loving goons made 2.2 basic writing errors for every hundred words they managed to bang out from the comfort and safety of their right wing survival bunkers, well over the National League average of 1.79 per hundred. Sadly, either SB Nation’s moderators and comment filters were up to snuff or Grammarly is waiting for the next deep dive into the bowels of the internet to see how Cardinal Nation’s comments rank in terms of homophobia, racism, and/or total lack of self-awareness.

While the scores have improved overall, it’s not like baseball fans have been boning up on Strunk & White. Rather, according to Grammarly, it can be chalked up to their updated algorithms and the 20-fold increase in the amount of data they collected. (And yes, the smug dweebs that dig the blasted St. Louis Cardinals finished 30th in 2015.)