Russia Gets Mad Online Over Soccer Team’s Absurd Party

Tens of thousands of Russians are bashing Russian soccer players who celebrated their disqualification from Euro 2016 with a Monte Carlo bash

Jul 06, 2016 at 4:35 PM ET

Videos of a lavish party in Monte Carlo with hundreds of champagne bottles and a ridiculous price tag of 250 thousand Euros sparked a massive online protest In Russia. Why? Because the party’s organizers are members of Russia’s disgraced national soccer team.

Earlier this week a viral video showing the national team’s soccer players Alexsandr Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev lavishly celebrating in a Monte Carlo club started rapidly circulating in Russian media and social media. The video shows numerous alcohol bottles with the Russian national anthem playing in the background. According to the caption on the videos and reports in Russian media, the total cost of the celebration added up to the absurd sum of 250 thousand Euros.

Furious over the lavish spending and inappropriate use of the country’s national anthem, particularly after the team’s poor performance in the Euro 2016 tournament, tens of thousands of Russians went online to bash the two players, their ridiculously expensive party, and Russian soccer in general. More than 6,000 people have already signed an online petition calling the national team’s manager to expel the two from the team.

Although the two players denied spending such a massive amount of money, the Kremlin has already issued an official statement in which Putin’s spokesman called the saga a “shameless display of conceit.”

Translation: “everything you need to know about Russian soccer” photo on the left: “Lev Yashin (famous former soviet goalkeeper)  relaxing after winning a game in 1960” right image: “Alexsandr Kokorin relaxing after disqualifying from Euro-2016”

Translation: “Kokorin and the Pavel Mamaev should be thrown out of the national team for such behavior. #wedon’tneedsuchsoccerplayers”