You Can Now Buy Art, Tinder Style

Swipe right to acquire your next masterpiece

AFP/Getty Images
Jul 06, 2016 at 12:39 PM ET

Swiping right on your phone can get you all kinds of things besides a date: a new pet, a new pair of shoes, or a new job. Now you can add a new painting to that list, thanks to an app called Wydr, which is pretty much Tinder for buying art.

By now, you pretty much know how an app like this works. You swipe right if you like a painting, left if you don’t, and if you want more information you tap on the piece. When you tap it, you’ll also see a community-sourced rating, price, and information pertaining to physical details. The pieces you swipe right on will be added to your gallery, allowing you to later revisit what you liked. According to TechCrunch, hundreds of new works—mostly originals—are added each week, and Wydr says it already has an active user base in the tens of thousands. When people do acquire a shiny new masterpiece through the app, the average amount spent is $430.

One thing of note: this isn’t curated art in the traditional sense, and there aren’t experts highlighting pieces they think will become the next big thing. Wydr’s selection is all based on what users actually like. It goes by the same theory of Tinder too, except instead of finding your next fling, you’ll maybe discover the next Warhol. (Heavy emphasis on maybe.)