Reddit Will Decide Whether This Plant Lives Or Dies

Are the people of the internet really fit to care for a living thing?

The plant in question — Please Take Care Of My Plant
Jun 30, 2016 at 12:20 PM ET

Plenty of us get lazy and forget to water our plants, but have you ever thought of asking the internet to do it for you? One clever Redditor is doing just that. tylerjaywood launched Please Take Care Of My Plant, an automated, internet-connected system which uses daily Reddit votes to decide if the plant gets watered or not.

At the end of every day, the votes are tallied and if there are more more yes votes than no votes, the system delivers a dose of water into the plant’s pot. And while the once-a-day system ensures that some joker can’t game the system and flood the apartment, unfortunately there is no fail-safe for the plant. If the answer is no, the plant stays thirsty.

tylerjaywood says he will refill the water reservoir as needed, but vows never to interfere with the sacred Reddit vote. So far, results have been mixed, but the plant seems to be hanging in there. And if you want to have a say in whether this plant survives, all you have to do is visit the dedicated subreddit and submit your vote. Afterwards, you can go and contemplate the plant’s existence in real time thanks to this very uneventful webcam.