ISIS Declares War On The Philippines In Latest Beheading Video

There's been growing support for the Islamic State among Filipino jihadi brigades this year

Jun 21, 2016 at 5:17 PM ET

ISIS released a new propaganda video Tuesday, which includes the beheading of three men and a call for jihad against the largely Christian Philippines, where the terror group’s presence has been growing in recent months.

In the video, which runs just over 20 minutes, a Malaysian calling himself Abu Oun al-Malysi tells other Muslim countrymen to swear allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi. He also urges them to join other fighters under the leadership of Abdallah al-Filipini “who is appointed by the Islamic State to be the leader of the Caliphate soldiers in the Philippines.” He tells them to “kill the polytheists, hit them with cars. You have knives, stab them in their chests. My brothers in Malaysia, launch your operations. We are here to support you.”

The three men executed are believed to be of Iraqi or Syrian descent. The militants claim the men were “spies of the crusader alliance.” The video, posted on pro-ISIS Telegram channels, shows amateur video of ISIS fighters in the Philippines but is believed to have been produced in Syria, where the executions also are believed to have been filmed.

The video also features members of four other Filipino terrorist groups, the Abu Dujana brigade, the Abi Khabib brigade, the Jund Allah brigade, and Abi Sadr. They all pledge allegiance to Baghdadi and the Islamic State.

“For those who cannot move to the land of Syria, join the Mujahideen in the Philippines. If you cannot do that, send your sons to the land of jihad in the Philippines,” Abu Oun al-Malysione said in the video. “And if you cannot send your sons, then send your money to support the Mujahideen.”

ISIS claims it has had an official presence in the Philippines since January, but Filipino Islamists have recognized the group and sworn to follow it since 2014. Earlier this month, an ISIS media outlet published an infographic chronicling the group’s growth in the Philippines, claiming to have ten battalions actively waging jihad in the island nation. The group claims to have killed 289 Filipino soldiers since January, including 100 in April alone.

“We will continue fighting and waging war upon [the Philippines],” one said prior to the beheadings. “Terrorizing you. Casting fear in your hearts.”