Russian Ultras Celebrate Their Violence With New Euro Logo

Disappointed with their team's performance, Russian ultras and hooligans online are voting for a new logo to represent their street violence

AFP/Getty Images
Jun 21, 2016 at 12:09 PM ET

The Russian national team failed to qualify from the group stages of the Euro 2016 tournament after a disappointing 3-0 defeat to Wales, however, Russian ultras and hooligans prefer to remember this tournament as the one they won on the streets. While fans from several of the nations playing in the tournament engaged in violence, the Russian fans got the bulk of the headlines. A result they seem proud of since they are now voting for a new “more proper” logo for the Euro 2016 competition, one that commemorates the carnage and chaos they inflicted on the host country, France.

On Sunday, one of the largest Russian ultra groups on the country’s most popular social network, Vkontakte, launched a poll to choose a new logo for the Euro 2016 competition. The suggested logos revolve around the theme of the Russian hooligans’ various acts of violence. More than 1,500 voters have already participated in the poll, and the leading logo so far contains the caption “RUSSIAN HOOLIGANS – TOUR DE FRANCE” on the background of the French flag and two men fighting each other.

The new logos became a hit in fan stores stores on Vkontakte. A shirt with one of the new logos costs approximately $20 and a cup costs approximately $8.

“Crap on the field, but we won the streets, this is how the Euro 2016 completion was for Russia,” a Vkontakte group called “Football Hooligans” wrote after the disappointing game against Wales, attaching one of the new logos Russian ultras will remember this competition with.

Translation: “We are offering you to vote for a more proper logo to Euro 2016”

Translation: “We are selling three new t-shirts right from the Euro-2016 competition. Sizes S\M\L\XL\XXL\XXXL”


Translation: “the only ones we are not a shamed of”