Algeria Blocks Social Media To Fight Cheating On Exams

Twitter and Facebook were temporarily blocked, according to reports

Twitter and Facebook logos are seen through a magnifier. — REUTERS
Jun 19, 2016 at 11:42 AM ET

Algeria blocked access to social media sites including Facebook and Twitter in an effort to stop students from cheating on their high school exams and accessing false information about the tests, according to reports.

“The cut in social media is directly related to the partial baccalaureate exams that are taking place on Sunday,” an official source told the Algeria Press Service, Reuters reported.

More Iraq Shuts Down Internet To Stop Cheating Students

Beginning on Sunday, nearly half of high school students who took the exams in the North African nation this year are required to take them again due to heavy cheating, the BBC reports. Many were able to see the questions they would be asked on their exams through social networking sites before they sat down for testing, the BBC said.

The aim of the new drastic measure to block the sites is reportedly to protect students from getting wrong information about the tests, which they take at the end of high school. “This is to protect students from the publication of false papers for these exams,” the official source said. 3G mobile internet access was was also apparently blocked on Sunday, Reuters reported.

The blockages reflected a pattern in Iraq, where authorities cut off internet access at least several times in mid-May, according to DYN research. The government was apparently trying to shutter an online marketplace for exam answers.

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